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The Division of Anaesthesiology plays a pivotal role in the peri operative management of patients undergoing surgery at RCC for a variety of cancers at various sites.

The Department has been accredited by the National Board of Examinations (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India) for post graduate training in Anaesthesiology.

The department provides anaesthetics for oncosurgeries of long duration including high risk cases of malignancies presenting with complications of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

As many as 4000 major procedures are performed annually and these include head and neck tumour resections with reconstruction by microvascular techniques, laser surgeries, microlaryngeal surgeries and craniofacial resections.

In addition, breast surgery with reconstruction, major abdominal surgeries including Esophagectomies, Whipple's procedure, to abdominoperineal resections, pelvic exenterations, radical cystectomy, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures are done.

The department is equipped with state of the art equipments and appropriate monitoring is done for each case. Round the clock emergency coverage is provided as also intensive care and ventilatory management in the post operative ICU whenever indicated.

Provision of day care anaesthesia and remote anaesthesia for paediatric patients outside the operation theatre for radiotherapy, imaging and CT guided invasive diagnostic procedures and central venous access is also a relevant part of the services provided by this department.

Long and short term central venous access for bone marrow transplant patients/donors is done regularly. The department of Anaesthesiology is providing leadership for in house training of personnel in executing code blue procedures efficiently.

The department of Anaesthesiology has regular academic activities in the form of seminars, Journal clubs and grand rounds. Clinical research activities are also in progress and the department has over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals.

The department of Anaesthesiology is committed to provision of good quality anaesthetic services to cancer patients and greatly look forward to advancing our practice and science in the future.

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