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'C' Clinic (Breast & Central Nervous System)

'C' clinic deals with the diagnosis and management of malignancies arising in the breast and central nervous system. The activities of the lymphoedema clinic have been streamlined so as to cater to a larger number of patients. A breast support group has been formed to cater to the psychosocial problems of breast cancer survivors. Various outreach programmes are conducted to generate awareness regarding breast cancer. The outpatient clinics are conducted 6 days a week. This clinic takes care of approximately 16% of the new cases registered annually.

Day Medical Oncologists Radiation Oncologists Surgical Oncologists
Monday Dr. Rona Joseph P
Dr Beela Sarah Mathew
Dr Paul Augustine
Dr Rajeev
Tuesday Dr. Rona Joseph P
Dr.Asha Arjun
Dr Kurian Cherian
Wednesday Dr. Rona Joseph P
Dr. Beela Sarah Mathew
Dr. Rexeena Bhargavan
Dr. Rajeev K R
Thursday Dr. Rona Joseph P
Dr.Asha Arjun
Dr. Paul Augustine
Dr. Priya B
Friday Dr. Rona Joseph P
Dr.Beela Sarah Mathew
Dr. Kurian
Dr. Rajeev K R
Saturday Dr. Rona Joseph P
Dr. Asha Arjun
Dr. Rexeena Bhargavan
Dr. Priya B

Clinic Reception Counter Phone Number: +91 471 2522437