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Pathology Services

Diagnostic Pathology Services
Surgical Pathology
Ancillary diagnostic techniques
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Frozen Section reporting
Flow cytometry

Procedure for obtaining opinion on referral material

Requests may be addressed to Head of the Division / Consultant Pathologists. Samples already processed as slides and paraffin blocks are accepted in Room No: A102 (Room No.2, Pathology Division), on all working days, between 9 AM and 4 PM. The material should be submitted personally and reports should be collected from the Division of Pathology. Patients should bring the bill for collecting the report. The report will neither be sent by post nor be communicated over telephone.

The following details are essential:

  • Requesting physician's address, contact number and e-mail ID
  • Patient's name, age, sex, full postal address, Telephone number / E-mail address (if available)
  • Clinical details including X ray/scan reports, intraoperative and gross specimen findings
  • Sample to be submitted as slides and paraffin blocks
  • Specimen to be provided on request by the consultant Pathologist in the required instances
  • Site of disease, type of biopsy, nature of material and details of previous surgery/ biopsy
  • Radiological images with radiology reports are essential for Bone & Soft tissue and CNS cases
  • Results of hematological and biochemical tests, blood smears and tumour marker levels in relevant cases
  • Slides/Blocks prepared elsewhere can be returned on Physician's request after filing minimum representative material in the Division of Pathology, RCC
Specimens are not accepted as such without initial pathology report from outside hospitals/laboratories.